Monday, November 4, 2013

Foggy Days

For about the last week, I've compared the Nanowrimo adventure to giving birth. I have to tell you, even though the nursery has been set up and the name picked out, the contractions have been largely of the Braxton-Hicks variety. Painful and real but unproductive.

I just couldn't get going.

Yesterday at church I had two people, in two separate conversations not ten minutes apart, tell me that the enemy does not want to see me succeed with the writing of this novel because of the damage I did to his kingdom with the first one.

If that sounds melodramatic, I urge you to read Ephesians 6:10-19, the chapter on the whole armor of God. Our battle is not with this world, as we so often, and naively, believe. Yes, we can be our own worst enemy. Yes, our choices determine our consequences. And yes, some things are just plain old hard.

But when I think about the extreme lack of productivity and focus these past few days, napping in the middle of the day, which I never do, and inability to string any coherent thought together, I have to wonder if there is something bigger at work.

In keeping with my self-aggrandizing personality (read: big head), I was pretty sure that because I've done this once the next time would be like riding a bike.  Just get back on. I didn't ask for God's guidance, protection, or leadership. I was doing this on my own.

This morning, in light of this new awareness that I might not be the only thing standing in my way, I prayed. I prayed that God would give me the story He wants me to write. I prayed that He be the strength and the glory within me.  I begged for Him to  protect me from all things that stand in my way.

If you think of it, send up a prayer for me over this next thirty days. I need it.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Productive Procrastination

Today is November 1st and I have to confess that I am procrastinating right now, not that procrastinating can't be productive. I hope we will all benefit from the detour I'm taking right now.

This is the first day of the Nanowrimo, which is short for National Novel Writing Month. It is during this time last year that I wrote He Knows Your Name. I've made a loud and public commitment to write the next book during this year's challenge, so my blog activity might be a little low.

While I'm getting mentally warmed up and limber, and pushing back the panic,  I wanted to share a few thoughts that occurred to me this morning:
  • Even when God is involved in a process it doesn't mean it will be easy. Sometimes, the things that thrill you and get your blood pumping are just plain hard. There are days I sit at the computer and sweat, swear, cry, and praise all at the same time.
  • We can worship God by using the gifts He's given us, and when we do, we come alive.
  • There is no hierarchy to gifts and talents. Hard to believe in a world that idolizes celebrity, but we would all suffer if one variety of gift failed to be utilized. Imagine life without song, kindness, or extremely organized people.
Find that thing that energizes you, the thing that makes you sweat, swear, cry, and praise all at the same time. The world needs you.

Just for fun, here's a screenshot of me getting ready to write the next book.

 You can't see it, but my shirt is a NaNo shirt that says "The world needs your novel." I'm going to change into my fleece pants and get my butt back in the chair. I promise not to include this blog in my NaNo word count. :)

While I'm doing my thing, go find your thing. Come back and tell me about it. We can cheer for each other.