Wednesday, July 31, 2013


A few months ago I had the dubious distinction, I mean, pleasure, of playing Sonny from Sonny and Cher at our women's retreat. My friend Becky and I were singing I Got You, Babe. I searched for suitable "Sonny" attire, downloaded the karaoke version of the song from iTunes, learned the lyrics, and still couldn't wrap my head around the fact that I had actually agreed to do this.  I was freaking out for the entire weekend leading up to our performance during the Saturday Night Variety Show. (You should really check out our's like none other!) Seriously, it was stealing my joy. I was losing my mojo.

Fifteen minutes before showtime, I was in the bathroom practicing in the mirror and I figured it was time to put Sonny's moustache on and BAM! With that little furry thing glued to my upper lip, my inner Sonny was unleashed. This nasally voice came out of nowhere and I was Sonny! I stopped trying to actually sing well, and just let the nasal tones fly. It was hilarious! I had a blast, "my" Cher had a blast, and the audience had a blast.

I learned two things that weekend: I am more of a ham than I had realized. And, when we pray for God to use us as He sees fit, we may find ourselves with a stick-on moustache and tinted sunglasses having the time of our lives.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

So What's It About, You Ask?

Here's the back cover copy...

He Knows Your Name

The secrets that define us are often evident to              everyone but ourselves.

Cass Parker and Caroline McKay carry more baggage between the two of them than a Greyhound bus.

Cass, abandoned by her father as a child, finds herself alone and pregnant at thirty-five. Her world turns upside-down when the police deliver a backpack belonging to her father; what she finds shakes the foundation of everything she believed to be true.

Caroline is unable to outrun the scars of an abusive past; bent on self-destruction, she is determined to take Cass down with her.

Cass and Caroline are on a collision course with hope and with each other. Both think they have God figured out until they meet Him in ways that challenge everything they believed to be true. Both women are offered a chance for redemption and forgiveness—but will they take it?

In He Knows Your Name, Debbie Giese takes a courageous look at the issues that defined many of us growing up and redefines them in the light of Truth. She writes with a rare blend of humility, humor, and transparency.
Come on out and grab a copy at the Book Launch Party August 5th At Le Caffe Bistro in Waukesha! I will be there from 6:00-7:30.