Speaking Topics

Sometimes My 'But' Gets in the Way
We are called to be salt and light, but what does that look like in real life?  Based on the Great Commission, this message will help you address the 'buts' that keep you from reaching out to others in the Name of Jesus.  

Small Things
Mother Teresa said "There are no big things, only small things done with great love." In this message, Debbie will encourage you to make a difference in the world around you in Christ's name, using the gifts and resources that God has given you. Everyone can't do everything, but each of us can do something.

Circus Theology

Ever feel like you are looking at your life through a fun house mirror...except that what you see isn't so funny?  Weird at best, horrifying at its worst. The Lord's desire is that you learn to see your life through His eyes...an amazing three ring adventure. Allow your audience to be wooed by the Ultimate Ringmaster in this session, finding out their true value, as Debbie highlights five truths Jesus needs you to know.

A Little R&R (Salvation and Testimony Message)
Who doesn’t need a little R&R? Jesus came for just that purpose…to rescue and restore. He not only bridges the gap between us and God, but fills in our empty places with Himself. Listen as Debbie passionately shares the message of salvation, and the transforming power of Christ that is available to all of us. Because of His life resurrected, we can live a resurrected life.

The Power of Forgiveness
Forgiveness is a gift we give ourselves. In this big score keeping world, learning how to forgive is crucial. While it seems to be a fuzzy issue driven by feelings, the Bible is clear on forgiveness. Debbie will dig into the real world application of this biblical principle as she explores who we need to forgive, when, and most confusing, the "What now?" of it all. 

Networking 101
In the business world, who you know often matters more than what you know; our spiritual life is no different. Learn to follow the example of David in 1 Samuel 30, who "strengthened himself in the Lord" when adversity struck. Using key biblical passages and stories from her own life, she will help you strengthen your relationship with God to prepare not just for times of adversity, but for everyday life.

Once Upon a Time…
Feeling less like Beauty and more like the Beast? Sit back, relax, and let someone else clean up while Debbie helps you reclaim your Happily Ever After. With the humor and insight gained through parenting five children, she will leave you entertained as well as refreshed. Gain a new view of the mundane, explore options to breathe life back into the dailiness of life, and be reminded of the divineness of the call to motherhood.

Prince Not-So-Charming, and Other Difficult People
Let's face it, no matter how wonderful your husband is, he's going to push your buttons. Days will come when you can't see eye to eye, partly because you don't want to be in the same room with him! In spite of it all, God has a plan for marriage, and has given us the tools in His Word to not just endure, but to thrive. Psalm 130:7 is the key to this message, hoping in the Lord because of His great love and redeeming power. Find hope for your situation in this session. While the illustration used is marriage, the information gained speaks into all relationships.

The Balance Board of Life
Using the analogy of a Wii Fit Balance Board, Debbie helps you examine your life, looking for traps that only give the illusion of control. During this message, Debbie will help you evaluate your current schedule, learn how our own expectations lead us astray, and reprioritize (which means more than time management!) She will lay the foundation for writing a mission statement to guide you in your decisions.

Presents Under the Tree!
Were you a snooper at Christmas time, trying to figure out what those beautifully wrapped boxes contained? When you finally got to open them, were you thrilled beyond belief or busy looking at the pile in front of someone else? That pattern can continue right on into real life. This message will humorously illustrate our tendency to wish for a different set of gifts, while sharing the hope that is ours through the birth of Christ. Seek the freedom of knowing that your life holds exactly what you need to mold and shape you, given as a gift from God to you, gaining a new perspective of your particular circumstances in the process.

 These topics can be shared as a keynote message, or expanded to fill a two or three session conference. Debbie is also happy to customize a talk to a specific Bible character, passage, or theme. To request more information, please contact her directly at dgiese85@gmail.com.