Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Signs of the Times

There is a popular song that says that life is a highway. That is how I picture my life, with signs scattered along the way describing the journey. Once in a while I see the signs before I pass them, but usually I have to look in the rearview mirror before I notice them. Sometimes I see "Scenic Overlook" signs, when little snapshots of moments I will never forget seem to freeze in time, both good and bad. The first time I've held each of my children, the Twin Towers falling on 9/11, watching my gram take her last breath, all worthy of never forgetting. At a time in my life when I was on a bumpy road, I could see the "Wrong Way" and "Do Not Enter" signs all over the place, but I kept going for awhile until the "Dead End" and "Stop!" signs were getting to hard to ignore. I can see the "U-Turns Allowed" sign when I accepted Christ as my Savior and got on His path. When my anxieties are getting the best of me, I see the "Watch Out for Deer" signs. Sometimes I get so busy scanning the bushes for hidden dangers that I take my eyes off the road anyway. (Note to self: stop doing that!) Today a "Blind Curve Ahead" sign popped up in my rearview mirror of life. I was listening to the radio and heard Third Day singing, "Show me Your glory, I want to see Your face." I suddenly got that feeling like when you know you have done something really wrong and your parents are calling you. You wonder if they will be able to tell that you have been up to no good; the last thing you want to see is their face. That is the shameful, yucky feeling that washed over me when I thought about seeing the Savior face to face. I didn't see that emotion coming, hence the "Blind Curve Ahead" sign. I think my understanding of grace is moving to a new level. I will never be, could never be, good enough to deserve the gift our God has given us. However, I don't believe that the yucky, I need to hide feeling came from God. If Satan can get me to take my eyes off God and wallow in my own unworthiness, he wins. But I already know that Christ came into the world not to condemn, but to save. I see another sign on the road: "Rest Area Ahead." "Come to Me all who are weary and heavy-laden and I will give you rest." Matthew 11:28

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  1. What a great connection with the kickoff theme and message...I like it. I too have really begun to "feel" that need for grace that I don't think I totally understood before. Although I didn't know I didn't know.