Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I am totally getting old because time goes so fast I cannot keep up. Here is a rundown of everything that has happened since my last post:
  • 5/20...Card open-house that I worked really hard to get ready for had mixed results. Sort of a let down, but I have lots to sell for next time
  • 5/21...Babysat Sophie, got ready for Good Neighbor Day party and preschool picnic
  • 5/22...Preschool picnic at Bethesda in morning, Good Neighbor Day party in my backyard with about 35 people until 8:30pm
  • 5/23-5/25...Head up to Wisconsin Rapids to celebrate Rob's grandma's 95th birthday.
  • 5/25...Get home at 1:30, run to Pick'N'Save and make something for the MomTime Picnic that night. Totally a fun time!

Even in the midst of all this busyness, I had so many chances to show others what God's love looks like. I seemed to be surrounded by people who don't know what He is all about.

A preschool mom is going to come to MomTime in the fall. She reminds me a lot of me when my older kids were little, working 2nd shift and feeling like the worst mom in the world.

I know God was with me at the Good Neighbor dessert party. I remembered everyone's name as soon as they walked up. I was ready with a big smile and a calm heart, even though it was 50 degrees and windy. I just put away the iced tea and brought out the coffee maker. In the book A Life That Says Welcome, the author talks about being hospitable to refresh, not to impress. That was my goal for the party, and it worked.

I was able to share my testimony with a family friend up north who happened to see my video. This guy used to be my boss at the Hilton so he knew me in the BC days. He kept looking at me like I looked familiar but he wasn't sure it was still me.

Even (or especially) in a whirlwind week, I just kept praying for the peace of God to surround my heart. Not to sound like a PollyAnna, because I still totally have my moments. This last week just really showed me how God stands by His Word. I prayed to be a light in the midst of the chaos, and He gave me opportunities to do that. All Glory to Him. I've seen me without Him, and it ain't pretty.

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