Monday, September 1, 2008

Hiding In Plain Sight

I grew a zucchini. I know it doesn't sound like much, but just stay with me. Not being much of a vegetable gardener, I planted my tomato patch with irises. I was tired of growing one blossom-rotted tomato each summer. I decided to plant one zucchini plant in a different section of garden. It got huge. It got big yellow flowers. Every day I looked to see if we were growing a zucchini and we were not growing a zucchini. I figured the rabbits must be nibbling off the flowers before they could turn into a zucchini. Then two days ago, I thought I saw a shadow under the leaf and there was a massive zucchini laying there. Yes, it was attached to the stem. No one took pity on me and hid a zucchini in my garden. I can't figure out how something that big could be hiding right in front of my face.

Because everything in my life makes me think of a spiritual parallel, not seeing a giant zucchini makes me wonder what else I am not seeing. What is going on right under my very nose that I am missing? It's almost like God saying that there are things I won't see until it is time to see them. All of the sudden I will look and something will be where nothing was before. If I would've noticed the zucchini as it was growing I would have been out there everyday staring at it. Obsessing, perhaps. I know, it's only a zucchini. I just get excited about stuff.

Maybe I need to stop obsessing over some things and let God do His work. Stop checking the progress and know that there is something mighty in the works. Something to think about...


  1. Awesome post, Deb! You know, the same thing has happened to me. Those zuchini's are tricky! Oh, by the way--it made me laugh when you commented to me about thinking we were done with the "driving home from Wal Mart treats." I forgot I had written about that--BUSTED!

  2. YEAH ZUCCHINI!! Good point you made.

    I think the reason people give them away is that by the time they discover they actually own a zucchini from the plant they grew, suddenly hundreds of them appear! Camoflauged zucchini! I wonder why that is?

    I'll give you a really good recipe for lasagne made from zucchini. It's so yummy, you will not even know you are eating a vegetable! Of course, it's a fried kind of a thing. That's why it tastes so good.

    I found this verse in the bible this summer. It put me in my place as far as thinking that I was the one who made my garden beautiful. Boy was I wrong! It has made me think about who get's the credit for what is growing in my yard.

    So neither he who plants nor he who waters is anything, but only God, who makes things grow.
    1 Corinthians 3:7

    So now I am nothing and God gets the credit for growing my plants? That's ok, I guess. So all summer long I've thanked God for the beauty He has grown in my garden.