Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What's Up With That?

Soomeone asked me once what does "saved" mean. Not in a conversational way, but more of a confrontational way. It caught me off guard, and I stammered, "Eternal damnation and the Lake of Fire, I think." I can add something else to my growing list of things that Jesus Christ has saved me from. When He comes to take His people home, I will be saved from the Tribulation.

I just read a book by Dr. David Jeremiah that answered the many questions I had about the Rapture and about the end of days. Living in these times, with all the chaos, both natural and man-made, you can't help but wonder what is going on. In Dr. Jeremiah's book, "What In The World Is Going On?", he looks at 10 different aspects of our world today and relates them to prophecy found in the Bible. He examines how Israel becoming a state in 1948 officially ushers in the end times. We all know that the world is moving towards a global economy, much of it stabilized by oil. What does it mean when the stabilizing force is run by a group of nations that hate Christians and Jews? How does that influence the world market? What do the terms "rapture", "anti-Christ", and "Armageddon" actually mean? More importantly, how do we as believers fit into this picture?

You could go to the History channel, except that there is no guarantee that the "experts" have researched their answers with the power of the Holy Spirit. When we believe in Jesus Christ, we know that He only has what is best for us. Not necessarily comfortable or happy, but what is ultimately for our good. Watching a secular show interpret Bible prophecy would leave me chilled to the bone, without including the hope that Scripture promises us. Dr. Jeremiah's book tempers each prophecy with how it relates to us a believers.

"What In The World Is Going On?" is written in language that doesn't require a degree in Biblical studies to decipher. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is asking the question today, "what does this all mean?" I found it to be a fascinating read. I also found that my gratefulness to my Savior has taken on a whole new dimension. Despite all the horrific events to come, I can rest in the fact that Jesus Christ Himself will be coming to escort all of us who believe on His Name out of here. Can I get an Amen?!


  1. Maybe we can swap books now - mine is a nice, easy read. But, it sounds pretty boring compared to yours.

  2. Wow, sounds very interesting-I'm in line after Shelley!