Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Love Dare

I do not consider myself a gossip about people I know. I try not to look at the "newspapers" in the checkout aisles. I turn off TMZ if I am still awake after Seinfeld. But, when the news of Jon and Kate marriage trouble was all over, I was very sad. I googled for more info even, but only came up with celebrity news blogs and such. When I heard the "real" story, I was relieved. Not that I know them personally, but I like to watch the show occasionally. I get so excited when the scriptures they have taped all over the cupboards actually get into a shot. I was trying to explain to one of my daughters why I was so upset about the rumors: they're Christians. They go to a church that looks like Fox River. Her answer: So? God can't save a marriage. Whaaattt???

That conversation actually came at a perfect time. I was forced to defend my position, at least to myself. (She was done listening.) Not that mine has been on the edge, but I shudder to think the state we would be in if we hadn't come to Christ and let Him in to our lives. I say this conversation came at a perfect time because I have been a little testy this week. I can't put my finger on why, but I can definitely see the result. I've been a nag. I've been judgmental. I've been impatient with my husband. Despite the last memory verse. So, in an effort to not drive my husband away because I am shrew, I got the Love Dare book out of my bookcase. It has been sitting there since we saw FireProof. I liked me then. I liked him better then. I didn't think we needed it.

I'm not telling him I am doing it, but you can feel free to ask me how it's going. I'll probably tell you anyway. The husband doesn't read my blog so I'm not worried about being found out. Tomorrow is Day One of the rest of my life. I will not say anything negative to him. Funny considering Ephesians 4:29 hung over my sink for about a year. Pray for me.

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  1. The book is sitting on my shelf too. Marriage is work, that is for sure. I will pray for you. I am confident in you. :)