Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Pizza Party

I need to confess to a little anxiety attack I've been having lately. I know anxiety isn't allowed, and we are commanded not to indulge it, but to turn all things over to God. We have had some surprise expenses come up, along with a purchase that made sense at the time (I'm typing on it...) that has caused us to need to tighten the financial belt a little. Not much, but enough to send me down the same track I always do...let's sell the house. I could recognize that by the lack of peace I was feeling that this probably wasn't God's plan. I prayed that He would help the fog and anxiety clear from my brain, and that I could see the path He wanted. I also acknowledged that God has never failed to provide what I needed, and had faith that He would steer me in the right direction.

So, having said all that, God does provide, and continues to amaze me. I must get my sense of humor from Him, because He definitely has one. I made my husband a present for his 50th birthday, put it on the charge card to get it ordered, and planned to pay for it with yesterday's babysitting money. Seriously, Rob shouldn't have to pay for his own present, right? Then the little girl I babysit for was sick. Plan B. I took some time to focus my thoughts on God, thank Him in advance for the provision I know He can provide, and went about my day. You are wondering about the funny part...

I let the kids make homemade pizza for dinner and decorate it themselves. As I was cleaning up afterwards, I piled all of their leftovers on my plate and was headed to the garbage. My 20 year old daughter dared me to eat the leftovers for $50. If you've ever watched kids eat pizza, you know leftovers aren't always pretty... She didn't know about the scrapbook needing to be paid for. I thought about it for about a minute, deciding if there was an empty corner in the gut to be filled, and went for it. I won. I had her write the check directly to Rob.

Until this morning I didn't really see this as God's provision, just a silly way to make $50. But, when we pray for God to provide, we don't always know how He is going to answer. I might've had less indigestion if a long lost relative sent me a check out of the blue, but providing is providing. Imagine the blind man who wanted to see...mud and spit probably weren't what he was looking for, kind of gross actually. But what wouldn't he accept for sight?

There isn't really a moral to my story, but it just makes me see even more clearly that God can handle anything I bring to Him. Even with a chuckle, I imagine.

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