Friday, December 4, 2009

O Christmas Tree...

You know how when you see a newborn baby and suddenly it makes sense to have another one, even though you thought you were done? You notice how good they smell, how perfect they fit in your arms, how utterly precious they are...and you forget that at some point they will cover you in spit up, learn to talk and get sassy, and sometimes make you wonder just what you were thinking!

That is how getting a real Christmas tree has worked for me every year. I love the idea of picking out the perfect tree with the kids and enjoying the fresh pine scent in our house.

I forget about the half hour it takes to get it straight in the tree stand, and the constant re-adjusting of a crooked tree for the next three weeks. I forget about being covered in pitch by the time I finish putting the lights on, and the scratches covering my arms while we are decorating. Somehow the fact that I am still sweeping pine needles from last year's tree escapes my brain, not to mention that I practically had to snap off all the branches to get the lights back off.

This year I remembered it all and decided to get a "real" fake tree, as my friend put it. I will not be a victim of the "Oh, honey, just one more..." amnesia this year. I am very pleasantly surprised with how good it looks, and while I'll miss the fresh scent, I can always light a candle.

Maybe this year I'll even let somehow else help me decorate it.


  1. We went through that same process about 10 years ago. And although I miss the pine scent and the idealism of attaining perfection--(a real tree symbolized that for me!!!) I really don't miss the needles and other negative things you wrote about. Sometimes--I just get to the point where I can say, with some freedom, "Good enough!"

  2. I am at this moment, smelling the sweet smell of fresh pine.....coming from my candle while admiring the perfection of all of the lights with hidden cords along the branches of a right sized tree for my home shaped nicely to fit snugly in the corner. Ain't "real" fakes awesome!

  3. Our fake tree is majorly shedding this year! I used to LOVE my fake tree, but suddenly, it's losing its fake needles:( Welcome to the fake tree community!