Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Cat Person or Dog Person?

The world is divided into two types of people and dog people. I've never considered myself a cat person because I am allergic to them. And seriously, I always tell myself, who wants an animal that doesn't acknowledge you most of the time? You care for them, feed them, provide everything they need, and if you're lucky they will rub up against your leg every once in a while. Most of the time they act like they don't care if you are there or not.

No thanks. I want to be loved and recognized. When I walk in the door, I want my little buddy to be so excited to see me he is chasing his tail in a circle, running in and out between my legs. I want a little pal that will sit with me while I read, that will have fun times running around, and that treats me like I am the center of his universe. I want to be showered with doggy kisses, not merely tolerated by an animal that thinks she is superior to me.

I guess that makes me wholeheartedly a dog person. And, if I can be really bold, I say God is a dog person. And, if I can be really honest and not make your hackles rise, most of us act like cats. Just chew on that for a moment.

God's word tells us that He is always with us, but do we talk to Him? Do we get up each day just excited to be in His Presence for a while, knowing that as we go about our day He is right there? Or, do we, metaphorically speaking, rub up against His leg on Sundays, or maybe just religious holidays, and pay our respects? Are we living like we know that He is the One who provides all we have, or do we just expect it to be there? Are we the center of our own universe, or have we invited Him to be Master?

I think the biggest difference between dogs and cats is that no matter how you treat a dog, they still love you. They need lots of training and discipline to shape them into a creature that won't soil the house, dominate other animals or people, and just to learn the rules of getting along with the rest of the world. It's all part of the shaping, and dogs seem to thrive on that.

Oh, I so want to be a dog. When God is discplining me, and He does shape us according to His will, I push back. I resist. I question if He knows what He is doing. How will I become the person He intended me to be if I don't learn to listen?

How about you? Deep down, are you a dog person or a cat person? Would God agree? When is the last time you snuggled in His lap for a good belly rub? Or, are you still just tolerating Him? He wants so much more for your relationship than that, friend.

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  1. I really think your connection with God and what you learn from Him needs to be shared on a larger scale. You make me search deeper within than I've ever been led to do, and it's in a way that is not frightening, intimidating, or overwhelming. I am certain more women (who don't already read your blog) can/WILL benefit from your experience, strength, and hope. How do you plan on sharing it?