Monday, September 13, 2010

Whose Dream Is it?

How do you decide if you are worthy of your dream? Here's a little probably aren't. Not that you probably aren't extremely bright and capable, but a dream that God plants in your heart is based on His worthiness, not your own.

I have a new friend who happens to be single, never married. It wasn't until she got to know who she is in Christ that she really became ok with being single, instead of waiting for her real life to start. (Personally, I think the grass is always greener because I am waiting for my kids to grow up so my real life can start. I could probably learn something from this new friend...)Anyway, she likes to write and was feeling like she should start a blog to share what she is learning. In her words, though, she is hardly an authority on being single, so she is hesitating.

I was thinking about her comment this morning. None of us are really authorities on anything, unless you have a bunch of letters after your name and a sizable student loan to pay off. But, we do all have something in our journey that can be used to encourage someone else. 2 Corinthians 1:3 says to comfort (encourage) others through the things that God has comforted us through. It might be singleness. It might be dealing with a particular illness or experience. If God has brought you on a journey of any sort, He didn't do it so it could sit on your shelf and collect dust. He did it so you could be His witness.

Just because I have five kids does not make me an authority on parenting. But, during the closest thing we have had to a serious illness in one of the kids, as I stood praying over my son's crib, God held me close and whispered "Do you trust Me?" I knew it wasn't a promise of a good turn-out, but a chance to get to know Him better. During a season of intense teen-age drama, I walked into church to hear the worship team singing Trading My Sorrows For the Joy of the Lord and knew that God could carry me through, and He did. More than once. So, I write about these things. I am His witness to what He has done in my life as a mom.

Just because I have been married twice does not make me an authority on marriage. Indeed, in my first marriage I went outside the bounds of matrimony to find what I needed. But, after seven years of feeling ashamed, I came back to the Lord, and He was waiting for me. Scripture tells us that when one sinner turns back in repentance, the angels are rejoicing. Let's just say that I gave them a lot to cheer about. In this marriage, God has been faithful to grow me as a wife. It doesn't make me an expert by any means, just teachable and willing to share the struggles and celebrations.

I'm never sure who will read my blog, but I can't write in hopes of a massive group of followers. I can write in the hope that someone will see themselves reflected somehow in my words, and be willing to hear what God might have for them. If someone reading can be comforted or encouraged through something I have dealt with, then God gets the glory for that.

In the Bible, He tells us to let our light shine before man, so they can see our good works and praise our Father in Heaven. Psalm 40 says that many will see and fear(respect) and put their trust in the Lord. The great commission tells us to go forth and make disciples of the world. Not a lot of us get to go on mission trips to the four corners, but we can tell what He has done in our lives. Nothing speaks louder to the power of God than a life transformed.

So, to my friend, tell your story. Share your journey. Take the journey that God still has before you. Share the life that He is His witness. God will bring the readers who need to be encouraged. Remember, it's not about us, but Him.

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  1. So I did it,it is not completely done yet but it is getting there.