Friday, November 12, 2010

Just For Now

So here I sit in my sort of smelly basement on some sort of smelly old furniture that I got on, trying to capture a deep thought for the blog. Justin, 4, has assembled every cushion and floor mat into a fort, and my (sort of smelly) dog is sleeping on the floor next to me. I wait sometimes for God to pour out His plan and wisdom into my head, and when He does, I often miss it because I am looking the other direction. As I'm waiting for that deep thought to land, and the wisdom to be poured, Justin is asking me to play with him. I tell him, wait until I'm done working. His little voice says, from underneath his improvised cave, "You can do that after we play." He's right. Voice of God or Voice of Impatient 4 year old...I'm just not sure. But I probably could play with the little monkey for won't be too much longer before he is in school all day and I'll be missing his company.

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