Saturday, January 29, 2011

And We're Off...!

Mom Time starts Tuesday, as a lot of you know, and for me that means preparing and teaching. I am so excited! But somewhere, at the bottom of all that excitement, must be a little nervousness because I had my first "failure" dream for this semester last night. Now, I have some fun stuff lined up for Tuesday (just sayin'...), but in my dream, I forgot to bring it all with me. I drove home to get it, got lost, couldn't reach my tech person on the phone, and by the time I got there, everyone had gone home. I was disappointed, you were disappointed, certain people who should remain nameless because it was just a dream for cryin' out loud were irritated with was just a big mess.

Failure dreams, or dreams where I am definitely not in control, are nothing new for me. The most common one involves me being in a car where, for one reason or another, I can't reach the steering wheel. You can't be in charge if you can't even steer the vehicle, right? You can read about last semester's failure dream here. It's pretty funny, actually.

Most of these last few years have been a journey of learning that it is not all about me, nor is it all up to me. I don't know why this semester should be any different. So, once again, I draw from the past and look to the future. I will pray to know the message God would have me prepare, that He will put the right words in my mouth, and that I leave the rest up to Him. There is a plan and a purpose for this season, and besides hoping to do a good job and bless the ladies of Mom Time with a decent lesson, I know there will be a lot of growing along the way for me too.

Just to be on the safe side, though, everything I want to bring with me is in a small heap in my computer room. Seriously.

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  1. Been there...done that myself. :-) A little anxiety is a great thing! Thanks for carrying the ball on down the field. I've never for a moment doubted that it was in good hands.