Sunday, June 5, 2011

Success Defined

What did you want to be when you grew up? There was a time, around 5th grade, that I wanted to be either a model or a writer. Not that I had great looks for modeling, but I was skinny and had bushy eye brows. Think early Brooke Shields...My teachers and family encouraged the writing bit; I never saw the slight in that until much later in life. Gradually though, that dream slid to the ground as I didn't really know how to pursue it. Until recently, when asked that ice breaker question, if I could do anything I wanted with no chance of failure what would it be, I never really had answer. Somewhere along the way I lost my ability to dream big.

How about you? Let's pretend we're sitting around my patio table, sweet tea sweating in a glass in front of you, and of course the requisite banana bread. The question comes up...what would you like to do if there was no chance at failing? Just for fun though, let's redefine failure and success. Let's call failure never trying at all, never taking a step in the direction of your dream. Let's call success taking one step. Just one. So, what are you waiting for? Set some goals.

For the sake of review, a goal has to meet five criteria: realistic, understandable, measurable, believable, and achievable. Not to be a killjoy as I encourage you to take a chance and dream big, but deciding to be an astronaut at 45 probably isn't going to happen. Want to run a marathon? Start walking, today. Find a training program and keep heading that direction. Want to finish your education? Start with one course. Want to own a bakery? Start giving away your treats...your reputation will spread and doors will open. Want to be a writer? Pick up your tool of choice, keyboard or pen, and start writing. Practice, reread, and edit. Overnight success never happens...there are countless hours of the mundane behind every success. Be ok with baby steps...just keep moving. Remember, the only failure is to never try.

I never did get to be a model. Apparently it takes more than bushy eye brows to cut it on the runway. I am, however, a writer. A successful one, even, because to be successful, by my definitioin, you just have to keep moving in the right direction.

I've posted a few times about why I write. You can check those posts out  here, here, and here. If you read these, you'll see that there is a place for you in my dream...


  1. Be thankful that your mom didn't haul you off to "miss mary walta" to have your brows plucked. :-) And thanks for the encouragement to keep taking the small steps toward you see, it will pay off.

  2. Debbie,
    You are so could be in pictures! In all are a fantastic writer. I look forward to seeing yours and Shelleys posts! Can't wait to learn more about your being published too! Thanks for the encouragement...I am giving it a try with the body creams....let's see where this goes!