Thursday, August 4, 2011

Imagine 2011 (and a contest!)

October 1, 2010, found me standing in the dark, arms outstretched, singing Revelation Song along with the Women of Faith worship team. God spoke to me in that moment, reminding me that He alone is God, worthy of all praise, regardless of what path He calls me to. He then was gracious to me, reminding me of the dreams He has buried in my heart, dreams that only came once I knew Him. Each speaker, from Marilyn Meberg to Patsy Clairmont, confirmed the whisper of the Holy Spirit.

 Life is hard sometimes; Jesus Himself told us that in this world we would have trouble. But occasionally we get a respite, and the Women of Faith conference provides that. Hearing the victory that Patsy Clairmont and Sandi Patty found in Christ inspires me to find my own victory. Listening to Andy Andrews speak of the connectedness of our world helps me to feel  a part of something bigger, realizing that nothing is random and that I am not alone.
God has a message for each one of us, whether you are just checking Him out, wondering what this Jesus business is all about, or whether you have been a Christian since God was a boy, as the saying goes. Even if you aren’t sure who He is, He is quite familiar with you, and loves you.  Matthew 18:20 tells us that where two or more are gathered in His name, He will be there with us. Can you imagine the excitement of being with 10,000 gathered in His name?!  
This year at the conference,  I know that as I listen to Angie Smith, Sheila Walsh,  Lisa Harper, and the iconic Luci Swindoll, I will hear the Lord through their words. The music will be led by Mary Mary and Natalie Grant, each bringing a chance to stand in worship to our God.  Attending a Women of Faith event gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself  in the Word, leaving behind the cares and responsibilities of daily life for a little while. Gather up your girlfriends and Imagine what can be!
What dreams has God placed on your heart? What has He whispered to you, deep down, where you are almost afraid to acknowledge it aloud? For being a Women of Faith blogger, I get two tickets to this year’s event in Milwaukee. Leave me a comment and be entered in a drawing to be my companion for the two day conference. The contest closes September 1st. (Not that I am such a prize, lol, but I thought this would be fun!) As for me and my dreams, let’s just say that when I am a Women of Faith speaker, I will wear a turquoise shirt. It never hurts to dream big for God, right?

If you are from Fox River Christian Church, click here to purchase tickets  so that you can be with the rest of the FRCC group.


  1. Last year's WOF was the beginning of big change in my life. It has been a roller coaster ride, and it is not over with yet. Wanted to go again this year, but it seems not to be in His plan. Enjoy!

  2. I will be there. Love that you are a WoF blogger ;)

  3. Congrats on being a WOF blogger Debbie. He has BIG plans for you...funny that Prayer of Jabez came up the other day because that is the book that began my adult journey to closeness with Him. You look beautiful in turquoise by the way ;-)