Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Place To Let Go

Sitting here in my pj's, ipod playing Your Great Name by Natalie Grant on repeat, with my dog, Gracie,  curled up next to me. It was no small process for her to settle in so close. Lots of sniffing, circling, walking back and forth across my lap, and test driving a few different spots was required. As she curled her little body in close to me, let out a deep sigh, and went to sleep, I saw my own journey flash before my eyes.

We are all created with a need to fit in, to find meaning and significance. On my own journey, I sniffed around lots of places I didn't belong. My spiritual walk included the occult to a small degree in the 80's and "religion" in the 90's, trying to toe the line in a religion that measured success by following rules, with some Jesus thrown in for good measure. I turned to my own gods in the later 90's, trying to drown out the cry of my heart with illicit relationships.

By 2003, I was exhausted. Imagine wandering around in a dark room, thinking you were in one place, and someone switches on the light, and you realize you have no idea where you are or how to get out of there. That pretty much sums up how my life felt at that time.  It was then that I heard Jesus calling my name, and finally turned to see Him. Not that He hadn't been there the whole time; I was just walking around Him, back and forth across His lap, in search of a better spot to curl up.

Can I just tell you, as you find yourself wandering in your own life, that there is no sweeter place to rest than in the lap of Jesus Christ? Stop searching, stop trying to make things perfect, and just snuggle in. He is waiting for you. (I feel the need to say that this applies to Christians as well. Knowing our Savior does not mean we are immune from the wandering. We just do it in the Name of Jesus instead.)

Take a minute and let yourself sink into His lap while listening to this amazing song of worship to our King, Jesus Christ.

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  1. I love the illustration of your dog in your lap. I feel just like that sometimes, but I have learned that sometimes I have to go ahead and sit, even if I am not sure it is the right spot because no matter where I end up God is there to comfort and snuggle me. Love it! Thanks for sharing.