Friday, December 23, 2011

Preparing for a Birthday

All the gifts are bought and mostly wrapped.

I've baked a few different kinds of cookies and countless batches of caramel corn.

Christmas Eve and Day menus are planned and groceries stocked.

As I stood at the sink washing my third load of dishes for the morning, I thought, "Finally, I am almost ready for Christmas."

And the still, small voice whispered, "Really? This is how you prepare for My coming?"

The words to Joy To the World came into my head: Let every heart prepare Him room.

I considered how the whole time I was baking cookies I was rehashing the "discussion" my husband and I had last night. While I raced between the bedroom and the bathroom, alternately wrapping gifts and bathing children, I was hardly exuding Christmas joy, snapping at one child that the best way he could help would be to let me I did my grocery shopping guiltily grateful for a missed appointment that opened up a window of time.

I wonder what Jesus thinks of the way I am preparing to celebrate His birth. I'm thinking He would be better with store bought cookies, frozen pizza, and presents wrapped without perfect corners than what I offered. Definitely not my first fruits, at least not to anyone but myself.

I suspect I am not the only one caught in the last minute frenzy. If you took time to read this blog in the midst of the hustle, take time to pray with me for a fresh start. Right now, even if your kids are playing full contact Wii like mine are.

Father, please help us to remember what matters this Christmas.  Lord, be real to me right now, remind me that it is YOU that I am celebrating, and that everything else is secondary. Prepare my heart to receive You this season, and everyday to follow. In Your Precious Name, Amen.

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  1. Isn't it so like the enemy to turn our focus to things that really don't matter and away from the Christ-child, God With Us? Thanks for the reminder, Debbie.

    Let every heart prepare Him room.

    Merry Christmas!