Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Journey Continues...

Finally got my computer back; it's been on  a two week vacation at the Best Buy Computer Spa, and of course while I didn't have it I thought of a million bloggable things. Now it sits, refreshed and ready to go in my lap, and I can't think of a darn thing to say.

It is ironic that my last post was on hope. Tonight is the night before a conference that could change everything. Or nothing. For a little background, you can read the beginning of our journey here and the middle of it here. 

I keep saying that I know God has a purpose in all of this. Of course He does. He's God. He doesn't do things just to see how it will all play out. He already knows. I won't even pretend to know His whole purpose; I may not know that until I see Him face to face, but I know that He will redeem all situations and make them whole and beautiful, glorifying Him.

At first I thought I was just supposed to keep looking for the silver lining wherever He planted me, an annoying glass-half-full person, which I do actually believe to some extent. I can't glorify Him if I'm whining and complaining. But, and here's what clicked for me the other day, it is also not glorifying to Him to see injustice and do nothing.

There is a such thing as righteous anger and He has filled me with it. Self-righteous anger is all about getting what I want. Righteous anger is about righting a wrong. Sometimes those things get the opportunity to work together, and tomorrow that just might happen.

I always say that we shouldn't pray for an easy road, but to travel the road with God as our travelling companion. These last few months have been a serious road trip, with sights and experiences I wouldn't have had otherwise. But I am hoping that I just saw a sign for the next oasis just up the road apiece.

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  1. I tell my children when they are complaining about something that is seemingly out of our control... God has a plan. Jer 29:11 and that His ways are so much higher, and his are so high that our small minds cannot comprehend what good could come from the situation. We just have to KNOW that God means this for good, yes, it may not be fair or right in our eyes, but God does know and we just need to trust that He has a plan..... I know easier said than done. Why is it we do everything in our power to make things work out the way WE WANT? With the exception of leaving it all up to God.... He knows your heart and I love it that you are sharing the journey He has you on.