Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Giving Jesus

Every year I say I want to scale back Christmas. Not like celebrate less, but celebrate more for the right reasons. Then, just like the rest of the world, I get caught up in the western traditions of Christmas: the decorating, the shopping, the cooking...the wild frenzy of celebrating Jesus that really doesn't have much to do with Him at all.

I know the story of the Christmas tree; we light it up to show He is the Light of the World.

I know why we buy gifts: to mirror the generosity God has shown us through His gift of Jesus.

I know why I cook special recipes and bake cookies...because I like them. Ha!

Seriously, I get that many of our traditions are representative of the Nativity Story. But does anyone else feel like the Reason for the Season get swallowed up by the season itself?

I've had the privilege of sharing my story a few times lately and each time, I am humbled by the grace He has poured into my life. Just for one year, I would love to celebrate Christmas without gifts, decorations, and foods that make my pants tight anyway, and really reflect on the majesty of all He has done.

I pray that during this hallowed season, you find time to reflect on Who Jesus is to you, and communicate that to someone else. It might be the best gift you could ever give.

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  1. Deb...I didn't know that about the Christmas Tree and the Gifts! Thank you for sharing!