Monday, January 21, 2013

March On, My Soul!

"Daydreaming after God has spoken is an indication that we do not trust Him."
Nobody likes to start their day with a punch in the face, but that is what I got when I read these words in my Oswald Chambers devotional Sunday morning.
 I am not behaving any better than someone who has no faith in anyone but themselves, and you know how far that can carry you. Sometimes across the finish line, and sometimes you don't even show up to the race. But how far you go depends on you alone.
I know better, yet I sit and say things like "I can't do a talk as good as someone else so I just won't do it" and "It's obvious that I am incapable of writing a novel." Both are an affront to God who called me to share His word with the gifts He has given me. Both indicate a lack of trust, because my actions say that the outcomes are totally based upon the ability I have. I leave no room for God to show up and do His thing. 
Reading in Judges 6 this morning, I discovered that Gideon is a man after my heart. God called Him to a task, and he listed the reasons he would be unable to accomplish said task.
God's words to him: Go with the strength you have and I will be with you.
God's words to me: Take the drop of skill and talent you have and Go! I will be with you.
The Bible is full of examples of those called to extraordinary tasks, and I have yet to come across anyone who complimented God on His choice. The response is usually to look over their shoulder, sure He meant someone else. And, equally important, I have yet to see God confirm their lack of capability. He always says, "Go, and I will be with you."
If you've heard God speak a direction into your life, what are you doing about it? Daydreaming and telling yourself all the ways you can't possibly do it? Waiting for God to change His mind and send someone else?
Or, are you giving it everything you have and knowing God is right there with you?  
Let's sing the Song of Deborah and Barak from Judges 5, and March on with courage, my soul!
Go where God has called you in victory, because He is already paving the way, even if we can't see it from where we stand. We don't need to. We need to keep our eyes fixed on the One who goes before us, the One who fights for us, our Jehovah Nissi. We need to be faithful to His call because the One who calls us is faithful.
So, ready to march on?

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