Tuesday, August 6, 2013

On the Grid!

Who remembers Snapple's ad campaign from a few years back? The commercial featured people cheering wildly "We're #2! We're #2!" I loved it because they knew they would never beat out Coke for the number one spot and they were celebrating their accomplishment of making it to the number 2 spot.

In that vein, I am celebrating today! Can you hear me cheering "I'm # 1,605,435! I'm #1,605,435 !"? Well, that would be a mouthful, but that's my rank on Amazon. And you know what? I am just excited to be on the grid!

A few years back, someone made the comment that I should write a book. "Huh," I thought to myself, "Too bad I don't know how to do that."

Then I sat down and some chapters spilled out of my head and into the computer. "Huh," I thought to myself, "That could be a book. Too bad I don't know how to write one."

A couple years passed, and those characters continued to tell me their stories until I finally let them out of the box in my head and wrote a book. "Huh," I thought to myself, "I guess I wrote a book."

As I was wondering what to do with it, God spoke through a verse on K-Love: Publish His glorious deeds among the nations. Tell everyone about the amazing things He does. (Psalm 96:3)

Well alrighty then.

Last night was the Book Launch Party for my first novel He Knows Your Name. I love saying "first novel" because I know I have a few more in me at least. I thank God for the way He inspires me. I will proclaim His name for as long as He gives me breath, then I will do it in person.

Thanks to many friends and family who came out to celebrate what God has done! Thanks to Le Caffe Bistro in Waukesha for their hospitality! Thanks to Crossbooks publishing for making my dream a reality! 

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