Sunday, September 22, 2013

Struggling? Come for the Coffee

If I'm totally honest with myself, today is one of those days I am going to church for the coffee. I am exhausted, overwhelmed by all good things, slightly irritated with some key players in my life, and my feet feel like they are encased in lead boots. I'm dragging.

God can work with that.

My job is to sit, waiting, focusing on Him alone, and He will do the rest. But that, sometimes is exactly the problem. (Can I get an amen?)

It is in these times that we are so vulnerable to the enemy. Irritation leads to bitterness which leads to resentment which leads to nothing good. I keep reminding myself that love covers a multitude of sins and that we are to forgive others of their shortcomings because of our great love, and right now I am keenly aware that this sort of love does not come from my human side. It has to come from God.

Being overwhelmed, even by good things, breeds fear of failure, and we know that God has not given us a spirit of fear. Fear of failure does not come from God, it comes from inside us, from ego and seeds planted by the enemy. But if God has a plan and has put these opportunities in front of me, then He is more than capable of working things out. Even when I feel like I have nothing to give, He is my strength and my song. He's got this.

So here's my challenge, to me and you: make time to sit at the feet of the One who lifts our heads, who brings peace to our souls, who soothes the hurts and holds us close. Stop flailing and planning, blaming and preaching. Just stop.

I'm heading to church in a few minutes where I will consume a gallon of coffee along with the worship and words, hang my head in dogged recognition of the fact that try as I might, I can't do anything without Him. I could waste time feeling bad that coffee is the driving factor, but again, God can work with that. I just need to show up. Meet you there?


  1. In the immortal words of that famous fish Nemo - "Keep on swimming - Keep on swimming - Keep on swimming!" Love you Sister

  2. Wow- I cried when I read the "being overwhelmed" paragraph.
    thank you thank you thank you!
    Love how God uses words from someone I've never heard of before now, to speak softly to my heart- right to the achy part-

    1. Glad I wrote what God laid on my heart and that it spoke to yours.