Monday, August 10, 2015

Plugged In?

I unplugged my laptop and brought it downstairs to work on a project, and within five minutes, had the notification on my screen to plug in to a power source or the computer would shut down.

Seriously? I just unplugged it. Then I remembered that I had pulled the cord out from the wall the other day because I had used the computer in another room and didn't want to leave a live power source hanging out of the wall. Call me paranoid. It's ok. :)

Anyway, in that moment of recognizing that my computer was only plugged in at one end, God brought to mind a picture to share with you.

What are we plugged in to? Are we plugged in at both points of power? 

Sometimes the Power Source is right there, like a live wire hanging out of the wall, just waiting for us to hook in, and we ignore Him. Just going about our business, slowly draining of power, not noticing the warning light flashing that if we don't plug in soon, we will be depleted. 

Other times we think we are plugged in, because we are busy for Jesus. Busy doing all of our activities in His Name, except that the other end of the cord is laying next to the outlet, not drawing any power at all. We are operating on our own strength. I think we've all experienced times like that. 

My prayer, for all of us, is that we will be about the business that He has called us to, fully plugged in to Him. That we won't mistake being busy for being plugged in, and that we won't miss the glorious opportunity He has given to have relationship with Him. 

I recognize that this is not an incredibly polished message, but I am trying to be obedient to the knowledge that when God gives me insight into something, He intends me to share it, not just say, "Oh, thanks God, that's cool."  Not lots of time for polish today, but always time to stay connected. 

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