Saturday, February 2, 2008

39 Things About Me

I am a Christian. I believe that Jesus Christ is my Savior.
I am a wife. Rob and I met on a blind date.
I am a mother of five.
I am a grandmother, something I am still trying to adjust to. We need a hipper title.
I am a sister and a daughter.
I enjoy creating things.
I actually like working out.
Although I like to cook, I hate figuring out what’s for dinner every night.
I am a slob with an organized person trying to get out. Or vice versa.
I went to Germany for three weeks in high school.
I lived there from 1987-1990.
I was born in Connecticut and moved to Wisconsin when I was 7.
I have also lived in Georgia, Washington State, and Kansas. Loved Kansas.
My favorite color is pink. Or light yellow.
Although I mostly listen to Christian music, I also like the blues and country.
I like wine, especially a good Merlot.
I drink 2 cups of coffee every morning.
Someday I want to learn to play the flute.
I think it would be fun to own a Bed and Breakfast.
I never graduated from college. Still not sure what I want to be when I grow up.
I have been a waitress and general manager. Prefer waitressing.
I wish I knew my dad better.
Christmas is my favorite time of year. O Holy Night is my favorite Christmas song.
I am funny. Really
I used to wish I had smaller feet, but now I don’t really care.
I hate to admit it, but I am a bit of a control freak.
Of all my kids, Jessi seems to get me the best.
I understand Connor the least.
I love decorating rooms. Maybe I should be an interior decorator.
I love to lie in the sun and read a good book. Or a bad book. As long as I am in the sun.
I helped put a pedophile in jail for 40 years. I am a survivor.
I am striving to understand those closest to me better.
I once laughed so hard I really did wet my pants.
I am trying to let God lead my life.
I would like to have the kind of home where everyone feels welcome.
I look forward to all of my kids bringing their families over to Gramma’s house someday.
I would like to learn to quilt.
I am learning to see God’s glory in the everyday, like snow covered trees or the quiet when the kids are sleeping.
While I’ve made my share of mistakes in the first 40 years, I wouldn’t trade the wisdom I’ve gained from making them.


  1. This is nice to read. I think that you are such a special person. I've seen you grow and grow in Christ in the years I've known you. You are such an inspiration to me. I look forward to hearing what God is teaching you from Ninevah. (A very good place to be, in the center of God's will!)

  2. I am a fellow blogger. We run into each other all the time at church--say Hi--but never been formally introduced. It will be great to get to know you better in your blog!