Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Love Day!

Valentine's Day for me is one of those Hallmark Holidays. I think that makes me a Valentine Scrooge. Not that I don't appreciate a little romance. As a matter of fact, I am blessed to be married to a guy who has been known to send flowers to thank me for doing the housework and cards for every holiday known to man. I'm accustomed to being "romanced" by children who want something. This morning I will be the helper in my son's preschool classroom, which means washing 9 pairs of hands after painting, making countless trips to the bathroom, and trying not to see all the microbes floating in the air waiting for me to inhale them. It will also mean watching nine little people learning to show love to their friends, celebrating a holiday because anything with candy and cards is worth a party, and hearing nine little voices yelling "Happy Valentine's Day, Mrs. Giese." So, to my family and friends who I try to show my love to everyday, let me say "Happy Valentine's Day" to you! I really do love you all. I appreciate all the different things you bring to my life. And thanks for the flowers, honey! They're beautiful.

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