Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Enough is Really Enough

Each time I sit down to blog, I pray first. I ask God to show me how I can be an encouragement to you, my reader. Sometimes a funny story comes out. Sometimes a not-so-personally-flattering story comes out. Because deep down I struggle with pride, (ok, for those of you who know me, not so deep down), it is a prayer of mine that if God needs to humble me to get His point across, I will take the hit. Being put in my place by the Almighty, who loves me in spite of myself, is not a bad thing.

This morning as I sat in my blue computer chair, this is what God told me: Tell them that I AM ENOUGH FOR THEM. I know what it means to me.

It means that even though I may not get the ROI ( a little business term that means return on investment) I am seeking in my life through what I give to those around me, GOD IS ENOUGH.

It means that when I intentionally reach out to my husband in love and he doesn't slow down or notice, GOD IS ENOUGH.

It means that when I have had an awesome God moment and really want to share it, and there is no one in my house who "gets" it, GOD IS ENOUGH.

It means that when I do my best for the people I care about, but it still isn't good enough, GOD IS ENOUGH.

Mostly, though, it means that when I am lonely, afraid, or let down, GOD IS ENOUGH.

I needed this reminder today. I have been lazy in my quiet time, and missing out on the "enoughness" of God. I have been wanting the people in my world to be enough, and they never will be. I will never be. It isn't a slight, but a fact. Only God can be enough to fill all the empty places. When I start putting my hope, trust, and confidence in mere people, I am setting myself and them up for failure.

Today is a good day to start fresh, seeking Him first thing in the morning. Why would I wait until my cup runneth completely bone dry, when the Lord, who is my portion forever, is waiting to fill it to overflowing?

What areas in your life are you not letting God be enough in? Pray about it. He is standing at the door, knocking, waiting. How long will you drown in your own self-sufficiency before you take His hand?


  1. This is such an awesome post my friend. Thank you for taking the time to write this. It came at a great time for me. :)

    Miss you!

  2. Thanks for sharing. I've typed & backspaced here too many times to count. I think I'll just leave it at 'thanks' :)

  3. Seriously, have you been in my brain lately??? I agree that it is a very timely post for myself as well. I have been discussing with the Lord how I want to "fit in", and God has said, "When am I going to be enough? When are the people I have put in your life going to be enough?" What an awesome God we serve:)