Thursday, June 11, 2009

One Prayer

One prayer. If you could pray just one, what would it be? Too hard to choose? If you could pray one thing this week, what would it be? What if we each prayed our one prayer for each other?

Pastor Guy talked about synergy last Sunday. Synergy is one of those buzz words of this century, but what does it mean? It's more than working together. Here is the illustration he used: If you have two horses that can each pull 1,000 pounds, how much can they pull yoked together? 2,000 pounds? Nope, 4,000 pounds. So, if we were all praying each others one prayer, can you see how we would work together to storm the gates of heaven? Which, by the way, are just waiting for our storm.

My one prayer is this: Ok, it is hard to put into words. Good thing the Spirit intercedes for me so God knows what I'm trying sputtering about. I want the people in my life to see God at work in theirs, without me having to point it out to them all the time. Aahhh, that may be the problem. Maybe my one prayer should be for God to shut my mouth. Maybe that was someone else's one prayer...wouldn't that be something?

Anyway, if you would like to add your one prayer to mine and we could pray for each other, leave it in a comment. If you don't want it public, but still want to be prayed for, email me. I would consider it a privilege to do some gate storming on your behalf.

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