Sunday, September 6, 2009

Fight the Good Fight

It is late, for me. 12:04 am. I realize there are a lot of night owls out there, but I am not one of them. I am officially a lark now, both an early riser, and funny, take that however you want. Anyway, I can't go to sleep without giving some serious glory to my God and King.

This day started as a lot of our family time seems too...distracted, un-unified, somewhat tense, with kids getting yelled at for acting up. Of course I know they are acting up because no one is paying attention to them. The grown-ups are too busy balancing the chips on their shoulders.

The Mr and I were not communicating well. I wanted to do one thing today. He did not want to do said one thing today. I got fed up with not getting my way and said something snippy about needing my Facebook friends because he never pays attention to me. And he said...maybe if I backed him up on a certain issue...blah,blah,blah. No disrespect intended, but I really stopped listening at this point.

Right now you are probably thinking, uh-oh...But, this is where God stepped in to save the day. No, He didn't make the Mr say everything I wanted to hear. He, the Big He, shut my mouth and opened my ears. And poured into my head the scriptures that I claim to carry in my heart. We were having a Love and Respect fight! And through the grace of the Almighty, I was able to slow down and talk it through. I sat down and looked my husband in the eye and apologized for not showing him the respect he is due as head of our household. We were able to move from irrational and emotional to just emotional. (I am a girl after all.)

The day went on. I took the kids to the zoo by myself. He called to see if I wanted him to pick up dinner from KFC. We had a fun evening of playing hide and seek, which is hilarious with little kids, and went to bed. Before he went to sleep, he asked what time I want to go to church in the morning. *sigh & smile*. Then I turned on the Billy Graham Crusade on TBN. (I don't like listening to the news before I go to sleep. Not uplifting.)

Only God, and those who read the channel guide maybe, knew that Billy was preaching on Christian marriage. As I was watching, burning with conviction that the Mr should not be sleeping and should be hearing all of this, the conviction turned to shame. God was like, don't you think I knew he'd be sleeping but it is you who needed to watch this? Hmm...yessir, I confessed.

So, as I'm sitting here not sleeping because it has been an exciting day all around, lyrics to Only A God Like You are running through my head. This day has been like a discipline sandwich...yes He loves me, and he loves me too, but in between there has been a lot of Truth going around. The kind of Truth that saves. People, marriages, families, a lot of saving going around, that's for sure. Amen to that.

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