Saturday, September 26, 2009

M.O.M. Time!

It is almost here! We start up on October 6, and I am so excited. In case you aren't familiar with it, M.O.M. Time is a ministry for mothers of younger children. Married, single, five kids or 1 baby, all are welcome. You do not have to attend Fox River to attend MT. By the way, if you are noticing a change in the appearance in the name, it is not your imagination.

M.O.M. Time is, at its heart, a mentoring ministry. We seek to help other moms navigate, biblicially, through motherhood. This has always been the goal, and the M.O.M. stands for Mentoring Other Mothers. It is not easy being a mom. Some have given up careers to stay home with little ones. Some had little ones before they were done being "little" themselves. Some thought they were done having little ones and find themselves right back where they started from. (In case you didn't know, that's me!) Regardless of when you became a mom, you can end up feeling like you've lost a part of yourself in the process. There are unique challenges associated with being a mom to little kids that can suck the life right out of you.

Or, you can view it as God does. He will use your children to grow you up, to look more like Him. God will use your kids to shape you into the woman He knows you can be. M.O.M. Time is a forum for learning about that, hanging out with friends, and making some new ones. (We are making it easier to accomplish that last one.)

I am really excited about this year. It will look a little different than past years, but the mission is the same. I know many of you are wondering how Journey and the New Testament Challenge fit into M.O.M. Time, and how M.O.M. Time fits into Journey. Basically, Journey is the umbrella that all other groups at FRCC fall under. Even though you don't have to attend Fox River to be in M.O.M. Time, it is still a Fox River group.

All of the Journey groups, including MT, will be doing the New Testament Challenge, reading through the NT in 9 weeks. But, we are still focusing our Tuesdays on exploring what the Bible has to say to moms of young kids. We will be encouraging our attendees to read the assigned portion each week, but we will be focusing on a narrow section of scripture to discuss, and you will know ahead of time what that is. Many of you have wondered if you should still come to MT if you are signing up for something else. MT will obviously have a different slant than the other groups, because we are specifically geared to a specific season of life, that of raising young children.

I hope you will come join us and find out what the Bible has to say to you as a mom. It is a season that redefines your life, and if you don't find that definition in Christ, it can be a tough time. Come navigate that road with others who are walking it with you. Our leadership team, made up of Sherry Judy, Rene' Wade, Becky Thomas, Shelley Gallamore, and myself, has over 75 years of parenting between us. Some of us have walked with Christ the entire time, and some of us are just figuring that out. Come learn and grow with us!