Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The River

I was jamming to some old school music in my kitchen today, making some potato soup and banana bread. It was Jars of Clay "Redemption Songs", which, if you are not familiar, are Christian classics with a bluesy spin. There is a song about going to the Promised Land, and it got me thinking about the Israelite's trip through desert, crossing the Jordan, and all of their challenges on their way to their destination. I was wondering to myself why they had so much trouble when they knew what God had promised them. I mean, seriously, they were in rough shape.

You know what's coming, don't you?

God spoke to me and said, "What makes you so different from them?"

I started thinking about my life compared to the Israelites, and the fact that we are all on a journey towards a promised land. I might not be wandering a physical desert, but sometimes life seems pretty barren and lonely, much like a desert might be. Sometimes I feel like I am wandering in circles, passing the same landmarks repeatedly, not quite sure how to move to the next oasis. But, like the Israelites, I have the promise of something better. I was gently convicted today to persevere, to trust, to find joy. I was reminded of my imperfection by a Perfect God, and shown what loads I am carrying that can be put down.

I love the feeling of honest, Spirit-led conviction. You know it is Spirit-led because you don't feel ugly, dirty, or guilty. You feel loved enough to be shown that there is a better way, and that He will take you there.

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