Saturday, April 24, 2010

My Heart

I had a really profound moment with the Lord today.

The other day on Facebook, my status referred to the difference between "I love the Lord" and "I love you, Lord." Just writing these words gives me goosebumps. Picture yourself in junior high again, and you just told someone to tell someone that it is ok to tell someone else that you kind of like him. To me, that is the "I love the Lord" version. It is safe and fairly non-committal. Change that to how you feel actually looking at someone, them looking back at you, and telling that person that you love them. Face to face. No go-betweens. That is what I'm talking about. That is how my day started out yesterday.

Today, as I was singing my praise with 500 of my closest friends at the Beth Moore Simulcast event, I was a little restrained. My daughter was standing next to me and I didn't want to weird her out or make her feel uncomfortable. I really wanted to raise my hands in worship, but I didn't. Then He spoke to me.

I was back in 8th grade again, not letting on how much I liked someone because I was with my friends. Jesus was like, that's how you are going to treat me? You're going to act different because you are with other people? Needless to say, I raised my hand, threw back my head, and sang with everything I had to my Jesus. I love Him, I can't live without Him, and I'm ok with that.
"I'm not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of salvation."
Romans 1:16

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  1. It is humbling to think how much God loves us. About 6 months after being saved, I had my truck re-painted. Prior to the paint job, I had my collection of "Jesus.." bumper stickers on the back. I was geting ready for church one morning and began thinking, " I don't want to put bumper stickers on my new paint job!!" God clearly spoke to me in my thoughts and said, " Have IT painted on." I replied, "Have what painted on?" He Said, "Jesus, Know Him and be Saved". I was soooo concerned about my truck, that I forgot about the One who saved me from Destruction.