Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Hubby

I just need to say a few words here. In this weird stalky world that we live in, we get most of our perceptions of others from the words that we read, not face to face conversation. My blog about Second Marriages contained a lot of truth, but if you don't know me or my husband, you might be feeling a little sorry for me. No reason to. I have an awesome husband.

We are celebrating our eighth anniversary next weekend. I have never been as enamored with someone for this long as I have been with Rob. I have had almost as much fun watching him turn into a daddy as I have watching the boys grow up. I have learned his style of communication and how he processes things. Say something once, make sure he heard, then leave it alone. He'll bring it back up when he's done mulling it over. It's all about the seed planting.

Speaking of planting seeds, it has been amazing to see God work in his life. Eight years ago we got married with God mentioned only because the preacher insisted on it. Eighteen months later I was realizing that God was what was missing from my life and set out to find Him. Talk about a bait and switch for my poor husband...from party girl to Bible thumper. I sat a lot of years alone in the pew at church, with him coming occasionally. Now Rob is a regular attender...his heart and his life are changing. He even made friends with the guy who runs the dump here in Waukesha.

I have been hugely blessed with a guy who loves me. He spoils me rotten and I know it. Sometimes we don't see eye to eye, but no two people ever will. He's a good man, a good dad, a stepdad who never stops trying, a great husband. He does all the laundry and cleans the house too, so I can have time to focus on the kids, he says. He can't cook, but if he did I'd probably be really bored.

I'm done tooting his horn now, but I couldn't leave these things unsaid. If the only thing you had to go on was the other post, it wouldn't be fair to him or you. I love that guy beyond belief.

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