Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Son Shine

I was driving home tonight with my little boys, 4 and 7, watching the sun set as we went. The conversation turned to how far away the sun is, which was a nice turn considering the topics little boys usually like.


I was feeling really smart as I was explaining that the sun is really a star, and that even though it is so far away, it is the closest one to us. As I was saying that there are lots of stars out in the daytime but we can't see them because of the brightness of the sun, God reached down and took my breath away. He reminded me that when we focus on the brightness of His Son, everything else becomes harder to see.

The lyrics to "How He Loves" went through my head...these afflictions eclipsed by glory...

Oh Lord, help me to focus on Your dazzling brightness...allow it to fill my vision and filter everything else I see through it. And on the cloudiest of days, remind me that there is no cloud cover dense enough to hide me in darkness. I am Yours.

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