Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Really Big Ask, and A Dream

Hey there Jesus girls!

I look around at my life sometimes and the blessings God has poured into it, and I stand amazed. All I can do is serve Him out of humble gratitude, knowing that on my own I am nothing, but that He makes the difference. Then I look around at the people I am blessed to serve with, and love that He has taken so many of us from a pit of our own making and given us His solid ground to stand on. That information makes me look at people still in the pit with a new eye...God is not finished with them yet even though they may think that He is.

I would love to write a book that would impact the woman who thinks she is beyond the reach of God, either through her own sin or the sins of others. I want to wave the banner of freedom that is only found in Christ, and that is available to everyone, not just a select churchy few. I'm headed to She Speaks this summer to pitch a proposal for this idea, and am praying that the meeting would be favorable. Be aware that barely anything gets published these days by the big houses, so don't be disappointed if the answer is no. That just means we haven't found the right avenue yet. If I can put this together, and do it well and professional-like (is that a word, lol?) there is always the possibility of doing an e-book and just making it available to people.

If you would be interested in telling your story of how God has set you free, let me know. Ideally, I see this being a 40 day devotional type book, with a devo and a real life profile for forty days. That seems to be the holy number of God, so let's incorporate it. If you know of others with a story to share, and really, everyone should have one, please give me their name. I would love to contact them. By July 10th I would like to have a rough draft or outline to start working with.

I will trust the integrity of those reading this blog to email me at with your story. Just for the record, this is not a money making venture, so there will be no financial compensation if this is published. You would receive two free copies for your participation, retain the rights to your own pieces, and whatever else we could work out with the publisher.

Let's proclaim Him from the rooftops, and let the world know that Jesus saves! Thanks for dreaming big with me!

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  1. So you're compiling stories that point to the same conclusion?
    I'm not sure I have a story that fits that description, but you're welcome to use anything I've posted if you find something useful in it.