Monday, November 5, 2012


My bags have been packed for two years waiting for this road trip. My ticket's been punched and I'm on my way, and except for the fact that I'm not enjoying the scenery as much as I'd hoped, things are going great.
Really good.
I mean, alright.

This whole NaNoWriMo novel writing thing is hard. Day one was Awesome (Insert sing-songy voice here.) Day two was pretty good. Day three and I was a little bored with my own story, which is never a good sign. Day four, no writing at all. Today, Day five, I went to Barnes and  Noble and found myself wondering why I thought the world needed one more book.

 Then I went jeans shopping. Ugh. (Insert whatever you want here.) My overwhelming thought was that it's a good thing I'm probably not as ugly as I feel. Not exactly feeling creative or inspired, I ate lunch at a Chinese lunch buffet alone, which I know will not help the continuing search for jeans that fit. Whatever.

I trolled the internet for a bit and ended up on Facebook and saw a fellow NaNo warrior's post. I whined for encouragement and she delivered. That, and I remembered that I had purchased a Kindle book designed specifically for talking me off the NaNo-inspired ledge. It worked.

I got my butt in front of the computer and started pecking away. I like my story again. I can see my characters. We're all holding hands feeling warm and fuzzy. I will savor this feeling until I hate them again and wonder why I thought the world needed another book again.

Hopefully I will remember that I don't write because the world needs another book. I write because I'm a writer.

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  1. I was on the same ledge tonight, utterly exhausted from "life" and wondering why I am doing this. I asked an old friend, why am I still dreaming this dream? He reminded me that when we stop dreaming, we die, and we aren't dead yet.
    Keep going.