Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Steal My Show

I was looking out the balcony window from five stories up into the hotel courtyard. Large raccoons and man-size gorillas were eating the stray dogs and other small animals. As they ate, these monsters kept looking up at the hotel balconies, and I knew it was only a matter of time before they began climbing them in search of more food. I made eye contact with one of the gorillas, and he sneered at me as he reached the first level of balconies. I kept begging someone to call for help. "They are coming! Don't you care they are coming for me?"  No one seemed concerned enough to take action, and before I knew it, the balcony door smashed in, glass spraying the room as I was overpowered by unbelievable strength.

(Insert Gilligan's Island dream sequence music here.)

All joking aside, this was my dream last night. I am, apparently, a little overwhelmed by my life right now.

You know the saying "Be careful what you wish for?" That is my reality this week. I love opportunities to share God's word with others, and I have three speaking engagements in a six day time span, all separate topics. Plus a PTO meeting in the middle of it. Plus my part-time job. Plus my family life...

I know I fall into the trap of thinking it is all up to me, and that God is just watching on the sidelines, completely removed from the situation. Nothing is further from the truth, and I got that reminder this morning.

I was listening to David Crowder's All I Can Say, a great song if you are in a bit of a funk, and reading in my Bible. I know what I'm supposed to do when I feel like this, and sometimes I actually do it...

Anyway, me and David Crowder, and God. He gave me two scriptures to hang on to.

  • Psalm 46:5 God is in the midst of the city and it shall not be moved.
  • Zechariah 2:5 For I will be a wall of fire around it (City of Jerusalem) says the LORD, and I will be the glory in it.
 Again, as I have said on so many occasions, all I need to do is prepare and show up. God's got this covered. He is the show stealer, the show stopper, the lifter of my head, the words in my mouth. I think, even though I was listening to David Crowder this morning, it's time for a little Toby Mac.

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