Sunday, April 7, 2013

Time To GO!

Remember back at the beginning of the year when the word GO! chose me and I wasn't sure where I was going? I wondered if it would be a mission trip or something, but I had a feeling it had something to do with writing.

Well, last weekend I signed with CrossBooks to self-publish my novel He Knows Your Name. It is the first book in a series called Hope Speaks. I still need to write the next two. But I will.

The idea of self-publishing had been rolling around in my head for awhile but I was looking for the least financially impacting (read: cheapest) way to do it. When I was talking on the phone with the man from Cross Books, he mentioned that you can barely take a mission trip with a church for what it costs to self-publish a book.


That was it. This is my GO! This money that it will cost me to do this well is my mission trip, and though I will never board a plane, my words will carry the Name of Jesus to every corner of the world. The time and money I'm spending are an investment in the Kingdom.

The whole decision making process took a little while, but the encouraging words of a friend, the book Undaunted by Christine Caine, and a verse from the Bible (1 Chron. 16:24 ) helped me make this leap of faith.

I pray that if you have something big on your heart, a dream that won't go away, that the Lord send you the encouragement you need to jump in with both feet.

Let me know, ok?

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