Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Organized Chaos

I am a notorious corner stacker. My ex-husband told me once that he was going to buy me a round house so I would have no corners to stack stuff in. To me, as long as papers, books, magazines, bills, whatever, are stacked neatly, or sort of neatly, in the corner, it's clean. Organized, even. But when those precariously leaning towers start to slide out from under themselves, it's time to do something. Luckily that only rolls around every six months or so. Today was the day. I noticed that the one neat pile in the corner of my dresser had turned into three piles all the way across the front. I could no longer lay in bed and watch TV in the mirror. Couldn't see it any more. And that the one corner of stuff on the kitchen counter had somehow spread to three other corners. So, I did it. I got out the garbage can and started sorting. Did you know that if you ignore something with a date on it long enough eventually you can just get rid of it? I seem to need permission like that to throw something away. Two hours later my corners are empty. My dresser is dusted. My kitchen is shining. Victory is mine! For today. Until a new round of junk mail with flyers I might want to look at shows up tomorrow.

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