Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Behind the Scenes

As anyone who knows me knows, I am a pretty confident, capable person. I am usually pretty sure I can accomplish anything I set my mind to by myself. Not that I don't play well with others; I just like things my way. Anyway, now that the stage is set, rewind to a sermon maybe six weeks ago. We were encouraged to pray for a working in our lives that would be unmistakably God's doing. Like a good girl, I prayed sincerely that God would do something so big I would know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it was Him and not me.

Fast forward to two weeks ago. A conversation with a friend led me to a decision that she needed someone to take charge of some arrangements for her. Of course I felt I was the person for the job. I get stuff done, no problem, I told myself. Little did I know, I was stepping into the arena that I had prayed for. Funny how God does that. I thought there would be a mighty something and I would know it was Him. I did not know He would show up after I had been brought to my knees. Literally.

You're waiting for the fine print. Here it is:
As many of you know, Wydia O'neil is having her kidney transplant this week. I wrote a very nice e-mail and sent it out, expecting everything to fall into place. I got a few responses, and waited. And waited. And started to wonder if this was too big for me. Three times I sat down to write a letter to the powers that be at FRCC to request help from the front on Sunday. Three times I hit delete and could not send out my e-mail. I got to church on Sunday before first service ended, in time to hear Pastor Guy sharing Wydia's story and praying over her. I did not know this was going to take place. Standing at the Ladies Link table, I had many women come up and ask how they could help. All I could say, as I was covered in Holy goosebumps, is "God, You are so good." After letting me struggle under my own steam for awhile, He showed up to save the day. Reminding me that He is faithful, that He is a God of Provision. He was working behind the scenes the whole time. How ever these next few weeks turn out, I will praise God. He showed Himself to me in an unmistakable way, and He rocks! (ps: If anyone feels so inspired, there is always room in the freezer for more meals!)

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