Saturday, August 2, 2008

Who's Leading Whom

This weekend was the Beth Moore Simulcast. I was planning to go. Then I wasn't going to go. Then I had to go because someone I mentioned it to bought a ticket since I was going. Lots of back and forth. In her talk, Beth Moore talked about her really smart puppy and her husband's "preoccuppied" puppy. He was calling his puppy, who was not getting the message. Beth's puppy picked up a stick, brought it over to the other puppy who grabbed on, and delivered him to Beth's husband, with an expression that said, "I heard you calling him so I brought him over to you." Beth Moore related that to how we can hear God calling other people and why aren't they hearing it, too?

I consider myself to be fairly in tune to where God wants me. Apparently I was not getting His message because He sent two people over with a stick to get me to His feet this weekend. Praise God that I have friends who are watching out for me. And I always thought I was the smart puppy.

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