Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Mean Kids

Today was a backwards step for Connor. He cried all morning before school that he was going to miss me today, which hasn't happened for a while. The drop-off went relatively ok, but there were tears in the classroom today. To top it off, some girls made fun of him for crying. This is really my first taste of Connor feeling like kids were mean to him. He even said , in his deep man voice, "Don't they know what was written on our wall, about mean words hurting like a knife, but nice words making you feel better?" Ok, so I must admit to being pleased that he is applying the scripture we have on the chalkboard in our living room, Proverbs 12:18.

We did get some good teaching and role playing out of it. We talked about different ways he could comfort someone who was sad. But, being Connor, he said he would have to wear "earmuffins" because he really hates the sound of loud crying kids. He also pointed out that the girls didn't do anything nice for him so why should he be nice to someone else. Connor hit upon one of the big problems in this world. If we are all busy waiting for someone to do the nice thing first, it might not ever happen.

As I'm sitting here feeling bad for the little guy, I'm wishing there were some rules of the road for kindergarteners. Really, though, it's the same rules of the road we use. The Bible. I will remind him of who he really is, a special little boy made by God, my special little boy, and remind him of everyone else who loves him. I will teach him how God wants us to love others, even if they don't love us first, or at all. I know that we are all given our kids, and our circumstances, to purge the unholiness out of us, to make us more Christlike. Watching Connor struggle today will remind me of how to act when the world isn't nice to me. Love them first.


  1. awww poor little guy. Kids can be so cruel can't they? I love the "ear muffins" that is too cute. Hopefully things will get better for him and school. Nothing breaks a mom's heart more!

  2. Poor Connor. These are the times that the mama bear in me wants to rise up and punch the mean kids--and then I remember, "Oh yea--WWJD?"

    Ear Muffins--So cute!

  3. You are a WONDERFUL mother, keep doing what you are doing, Connor is blessed to have you.