Thursday, December 4, 2008

Mirror, Mirror On the Wall

Did you ever get astounded by the obvious, like seeing something for the first time? This happened to me this week at Mom Time. Shelley was talking about the Bible being a mirror for us, with Christ modeling how we should act and treat each other. She said if we look in a real mirror and see food in our teeth, we fix it. We don't shrug and walk away. In the same way, if I am taught that a gentle turns away wrath, why do I keep yelling? If I am taught to fear not because God is with me, why am I still afraid? If I am taught to love unconditionally, why do I keep score?

I should be evaluating myself, and only myself, by the standards God has given us, and not walk away from what I see. Look at the reflection honestly. Definitely food for thought.

1 comment:

  1. yeah, i tend to look in the mirror and leave the stuff in my teeth all the time, hypothetically speaking of course! I know exactly what you mean, and need to be more aware of my actions too! :)