Monday, December 8, 2008

Monday Motivation

"But first, dress for work." Jeremiah 1:17. This was God's instruction to Jeremiah. It is also His instruction to me. Am I dressed for the work He wants me to do? Am I focused on the task at hand, or am I longing to be somewhere else, somewhere more worthy of my time and talents? Do I remember that He has created me for His purpose, not mine?

I know, that is a lot to think about so early in the morning. Mondays are busy days for me doing the most mundane yet most important of jobs. Babysitting. Changing diapers. Settling fights. Loving the children God, and parents, have placed in my care. Recognizing that I am doing more than physical care, but helping to build future warriors for the Kingdom.

So, I am dressed for it. Warm sweatpants and a snowman sweatshirt. Not clothes for ministering to an adult audience, with carefully applied makeup and almost every hair in place. Dressed for getting on the floor to build stuff, pants I can wipe my hands on, and only enough make-up to look convincingly awake. Can I do it? Absolutely, because He has equipped me for every good work that He sets before me. (2Timothy 3:17)
I just might have time for one more cup of coffee before the doorbell rings...


  1. What a blessing you are to our family for the ministry you provide to our children!

  2. "He created me for his purpose not mine" Isn't that just so hard to keep in our hearts and mind?? When I start getting selfish and thinking about me, me, me and how I wish I had 5 min to myself, I need to remember what I'm here for.....