Friday, February 20, 2009

Broken, Again

Our newest Bible study started today. I am always really excited on the first day, meeting new people, checking out the new study, wondering what God has in store for all of us. Since I was bringing the treat today I also provided the centerpiece. Running on only a few hours of sleep, I was looking all around this morning for something that would share my personality. I settled on a little Willow Tree Angel. This isn't just any angel. She is the Angel of the Kitchen, and in her hands sit a little teapot. And, she isn't just any Angel of the Kitchen. Her head and teapot have been broken off and glued back on. I told my Bible study group this morning that she is a lot like me, because I feel like I have been broken and set back with the glue of God's word. She still looks pretty anyway, until you notice the scars. (We've already talked about scars before.) I was feeling pretty good about my analogy.

As we were in the process of cleaning up to leave, somehow my angel got unrolled from the towel she was in and dropped on a tile floor. Now her hands, arm, teapot, and head are in a heap next to her body. She is in serious need of repair. While I considered just putting the whole thing in the trash, I reconsidered. At no time does God give up on us. No matter how broken we are, God can heal us. He is Jehovah Rapha, the Lord Who Heals. No matter how many times we come to Him to be healed or forgiven, He will not turn His back.

A comment at the end of my last post asked what I did once I realized I had been duped into sinning all day. I did the only thing I could do: fall on the grace of God. Recognize my shortcomings and ask God to forgive me, to lead me in His way everlasting. To not be blinded again by my own abilities, but to rely on Him. Like my Willow Tree Angel, it is not the last time He will have to pick up the pieces.


  1. Good post Deb, and it's so true. We all "fall out of our safe place" and get broken and he never just throws us away and says forget it. He's such a gracious God. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Deb--You are not going to believe this, remember I had a couple of willow angels on my table, too. The one reading her Bible--Angel of Wisdom, has lost her head, and I had to glue it on.

    I told the ladies in study that it is a good representative of me--broken and glued back together by His Word.

    At first, it bothered me that you could see the glue--but now it just reminds me of His grace and healing power!!

    That is incredible that we both talked about the same thing with our willows!!

    Did you get her fixed?

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