Tuesday, February 17, 2009


This will be a quick and straight to the point post: the enemy got the best of me. It took me most of Monday to figure it out. I spent the day restless, edgy, searching my cupboards for food that woudn't satisfy me anyway. It wasn't a bad day. I was just feeling "off." I even got up early to have my quiet time and reread the section on God's protection in my Beyond Jabez book. I thought I had strapped on the full armor of God. I think the only thing I put on actually was a silly cape of my own pride and self-righteousness.
"So, if you think you are standing firm,
be careful that you don't fall!" 1 Cor 10:12.
I was on the lookout for scary things in the house, bad "feelings", disembodied voices, you know, the Hollywood picture of evil. I underestimated the sneakiness of being kept off-balance and edgy. I am always telling people that the devil can't take away your salvation, but he can keep you distracted enough to be useful in the Kingdom. Sometimes I should talk less and listen more.


  1. Sometimes I think that must be one of Satan's best tactics. He doesn't have to do a thing--because our human/sinful nature does his job for him.

    We just get too busy looking our for him and blaming him--that we forget about ourselves...

  2. So, next post - what did you do about it. :)

    Is the book good?

  3. Hey, at least you became aware! Praise God!

    It's amazing how we can get sideswiped sometimes, but you just get back onto the road and keep drivin'!

    Love ya, Heaven