Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Prayer of Jabez Update

Before I share my week with you, let me assure you that I don't think the Prayer of Jabez is a lucky charm, incantation, or magic lamp. The words are simply a direct prayer, straight-forwardedly asking God for more. More blessing, more impact, more guidance, more protection, and less chance to do harm. I have been praying for these things every day for 1 1/2 weeks, and I can testify that He has answered this prayer.

More blessing: Some tangible, touchable blessings, yes, but mostly an awareness of how blessed I truly am. To be able to look at my life and see His hand and provision in it. Nothing like realizing how good you really have it, right where you are.

More impact: Without divulging secrets or things whose time has not yet come, I have definitely been given opportunity to have a greater impact for God. One very concrete example: there was a woman I met but didn't get her last name or how to get in touch with her. I felt very prompted to write her a letter but had no way to get it to her. I prayed that if God wanted her to have this, He would make a way. Tuesday morning she walked into my small group and I gave her the letter, which I had been carrying around for three weeks hoping to run into her. (Literally, if necessary!)

More guidance: With greater opportunity comes a greater chance to screw up. God has answered my prayer a few times with words or scriptures I didn't know I had in my head. He put them there when I needed them. I have also felt more of a calm in my house, with my rambunctious kids. His love, His endless supply of love.

More protection: When I start rattling the cage, asking to be set free for God's use, the enemy is listening too. I was shown through a creepy dream/half-awake thing how and when I have been oppressed. When you start trying to help people out of their bondage, you are stepping into someone else's territory. I have been praying fervently, unceasingly, for the protection of my God and Savior to be upon me and my house, and those I come in contact with. The enemy cannot abide in the presence of our God, so I take every opportunity to call on Him for protection. Darkness cannot exist where there is Light.

That I may do no harm: All these blessings and opportunities, if not checked and balanced, can lead to a big swelled ego. With pride and motive in the way, I lose sight of the bigger picture, accomplishing something for God's glory, not my own. It is my prayer to not get my own agenda in the way of whatever God will graciously consider using me for.

It has been an awesome adventure this last week. I am still sitting on 20 copies of the book The Prayer of Jabez if anyone wants to come along. Not a lucky charm or genie in a bottle, just a sincere prayer expressing sincere desire to share what God has done for me.


  1. Praise God for expanding your territory and for showing His unfailing love upon you:) Can't wait to see what else God does!!!