Saturday, May 16, 2009

Attention Deficit Disorder of Faith

So, I'm sitting at my computer looking for a Bible verse in my NLT Bible. I wanted to look it up in my trusty NRSV, which for some reason is not featured on Blue Letter Bible, so I head upstairs to get my book bag. On the way up the stairs I forget what I'm looking for and start looking for my purse, which I remember is in the computer room. Back down I go, only to see the other Bible on the computer desk, which reminds me that I wasn't looking for my purse in the first place. As I head back up the stairs, now knowing what I am looking for and where it is, I hear God speak:

"If you forget what you are looking for how are you going to know when you find it?
How will you know Me when you find Me if you forget what I look like?"
This invites a careful inventory of my own attitudes and activities. Do they measure up? Are they not only the right activities but done with the right attitude? Does my life reflect the Christ I say I believe in or my own priorities? Am I focused on the eternal finish line or am I looking at how everyone else is running the race? Stop looking, judging, comparing. Just look at Me. Do it for Me. Live in Me. Love for Me.


  1. I so totally love your posts. They are short and to the point, and very effective! You have a gift my dear:)

    I love your title, and your scripture/analogy for today! I hope I didn't offend you or hurt your feelings.

    Love you!

  2. Have you ever thought of writing a devotional book? You would be great at it!