Monday, May 25, 2009

Love your Neighbor

Wednesday is my third annual Neighborhood Dessert party. In response to a sermon three years ago about loving your neighbors, I decided it is hard to love them concretely if I don't even know who they are. I started small, inviting about 12 houses worth of people to my backyard for dessert. It was fun. I did it last year, inviting a few more people, and it was fun again. This year, since my family verse says to "break up your unplowed ground" (Hosea 10:12), I invited lots of neighbors that I don't know. And hardly anyone has RSVP'd.

I don't know what Wednesday night will bring, but it is my sincere prayer that someone will be touched for Christ that night. Maybe it won't be someone unfamiliar with the cross. Maybe someone will be reminded of the hope they once had. But maybe, just maybe, someone will get to meet Christ as a result of this gathering, and I will have one more friend in Heaven, and a little more light to shine the way there with me. A little light goes a long way...


  1. Praying that God will flood your back yard with people. Rest in peace today!

  2. It's a neat idea, I hope lots of neighbor show up for you!! :)