Sunday, April 17, 2011

Hands, Feet, and Hearts

"To be still and KNOW that You're in this place..."

It's a line from one of my favotite songs, Word of God Speak, by Mercy Me. It echoes the sentiment of Psalm 46:10, Be still and know that I am God. Rest in His sovereignty, knowing that He has everything under control. It is much easier to sing than do, I know. Yesterday, though, He opened my eyes briefly to see His Hand in a few circumstances. It was a gift, and a confirmation, that life is not random.

My daughter goes to college across the state from me. This week we learned that she has pneumonia, and all she wanted was some chicken soup. Driving to her, making chicken soup, and getting back home to meet other obligations was not possible. I messaged a bloggy friend who lives in her area, asking her if she could be this mama's hands and feet and make some chicken soup for my daughter. She agreed immediately, even though she doesn't have a vehicle, and two other people ended up being involved. It was so cool to know that others found joy and satisfaction in doing what I could not do; even if it wouldn't have all worked out, I felt good just knowing that I could ask.

God directed my attention to another situation, this time closer to home. There is a family who has been investing in one of my kids, doing things for this one that I cannot. It is better that I remain a little cryptic, but I want you all to know that I know that God is up to something, and yesterday He allowed me to see it so clearly. I say I always trust that He is at work, and that He only has our best in mind, but yesterday He blessed me with a piece of His vision and for that I am grateful. I love the body of Christ, the giant family that I get to be part of.

Is there an opportunity that is knocking on your door...a place for you to be hands and feet? It doesn't have to be big. I know there is a push for the mission field at a lot of churches these days, with summer mission trips coming up. Sometimes we feel like if we aren't needing a passport, we aren't really making a difference. A small thing done in love is a great thing, right?

With this being Easter week, the door is opened a little wider in the unsaved hearts around us. You just don't know the difference you could make in someone's life when they see the difference Christ makes in yours.

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